White Collar/Commercial Crimes And Financial Crimes

Savvy Defense For White Collar And Financial Crimes

Since the “mortgage meltdown” and the discovery of several high-profile financial fraud schemes, government scrutiny of businesses has increased. More individuals and businesses are facing investigations, receiving subpoenas and facing allegations of white collar crimes, securities and other frauds and other commercial and business-related charges.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime or commercial fraud, the Manhattan law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC can provide experienced legal help.

  • Epstein & Weil LLC has handled thousands of criminal cases since 1979.
  • Firm attorney Lloyd Epstein has taught trial practice at New York Law School and CUNY School of Law and both firm partners have taught seminars for criminal defense lawyers around the country.
  • Epstein & Weil LLC has tried cases in every borough of New York City, in both federal districts in New York City and numerous surrounding counties.

If you face white collar criminal charges in New York City, we can provide experienced, seasoned legal help.

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Experience With Fraud And White Collar Criminal Defense

We have represented employees, owners, business officers, hedge fund partners, securities traders and others facing white collar crime charges, including charges of:

  • Fraud, including stock fraud, tax fraud, accounting fraud, mortgage fraud, real estate fraud, securities fraud, mail and wire fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud and Medicare fraud
  • Theft crimes, including grand larceny, employee theft and embezzlement
  • Internet-related crimes
  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement
  • Bribery or commercial bribery
  • Racketeering/RICO charges

Often, business people charged with white collar crimes were unaware that their actions may have violated the law. In their shock and uncertainty, they may quickly make false or incriminating statement to police and investigators. Before putting yourself further at risk, contact our firm for an initial consultation. We have a strong track record of reduced and dismissed charges, acquittals, hung juries, as well as reversals on criminal and civil appeals.

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