Criminal And Civil Fraud

Experienced Defense Against Criminal And Civil Fraud Charges

When you are arrested for criminal fraud, who can provide knowledgeable, experienced criminal defense legal services in a cost-effective manner? When you or your business faces an investigation for civil fraud, how can you ensure the attorney you choose for legal assistance will have the investigation and litigation experience and skills you need to protect your rights?

At the New York Law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC, our attorneys have provided effective defense representation in for decades, including state or federal charges. Firm partner Judith Weil focuses her practice on civil law and firm partner Lloyd Epstein focuses his practice on criminal law. Together they can provide knowledgeable, effective legal help against any fraud allegations leveled in New York City and New York State.

Wide Experience Responding To Fraud Charges

We provide a skilled and vigorous defense against any fraud allegations, including:

  • Securities fraud (stock fraud)
  • Tax fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Mortgage fraud or bank fraud
  • Embezzlement or forgery
  • Accounting fraud
  • Real estate fraud
  • Mail fraud and/or wire fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Fraudulent wills or powers of attorney

Eminently Qualified To Handle Your Fraud Case

Often, fraud cases result from unintentional or inflated statements regarding business issues, or result from one-time misjudgments made under stress and duress. Regardless of the nature of your fraud case, we can bring decades of legal experience and knowledge to bear in your case.

We have investigated countless civil and criminal charges, including dozens of cases involving alleged fraud. Our track record includes multiple acquittals and hung juries, as well as negotiated sentences, charge reductions and restitution in lieu of incarceration.

Call Us Right Away To Get Started

For aggressive and immediate legal advocacy on civil or criminal fraud charges, contact our New York City firm. We are available day or night, and our law office is in close proximity to the federal courts in Manhattan. Mr. Epstein speaks Spanish and Hebrew. Call 212-732-4888 to schedule a consultation or complete our online contact form.