Post-Conviction/Habeas Corpus/Sentencing Issues

Post-Conviction, Criminal Appeals, Habeas Corpus And Sentencing Reduction

The experienced attorneys at Epstein & Weil LLC can make the difference between a conviction that is upheld or reversed, or between a long prison sentence and a short one. Lloyd Epstein’s exceptional advocacy and knowledge of the federal sentencing guidelines have helped clients even when we did not represent them at the original trial.

Are you or a loved one currently serving an unfair or excessive sentence? Do you feel your trial was mishandled? Epstein & Weil LLC provides effective representation for state and federal post-conviction, habeas corpus, sentencing and criminal appellate law help. Call us today to find out how our knowledge can benefit you.

Thorough Investigation And Skilled Counsel

Even where clients were convicted and sentenced and in despair about their case and future, we have succeeded in having convictions reversed or jail terms significantly reduced. Even if you think your case is “dead,” a careful review of trial transcripts may allow us to revive it.

At Epstein & Weil LLC, we carefully review every aspect of your trial for grounds for appeal or other post-conviction relief. Where appropriate, we can assemble a team of experts and investigators to document facts that support a new trial or a less restrictive sentence. We often work with siblings, parents and the children of incarcerated family members to obtain information that can change the outcome of the case.

Our record includes numerous cases overturned in state and federal court. For more information on post-conviction law, habeas corpus, appellate law, sentencing law and your rights, reach out to us.

Criminal Defense And Deportation

If you are a noncitizen and you are convicted or plead guilty to a crime in the U.S., you may face deportation. If you pled guilty, however, and your attorney did not inform you of the effect your plea could have on your immigration status, it may be possible to overturn your conviction under the U.S. Supreme Court case of Padilla vs. Kentucky.

If you are facing deportation after pleading guilty to a crime, we can help you understand your rights under Padilla and work to overturn your criminal conviction.

Sentencing Issues? Wrongly Convicted? Our Firm Can Help.

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