Criminal Trials

What To Expect During Criminal Trials

Every person arrested for a crime is entitled to a fair trial, but that process can be lengthy and fraught. The strategies and timing of your defense will mater at every step. The first thing you need to know about a criminal trial is that your attorney matters.

At Epstein & Weil LLC, we pride ourselves on our vigorous protection of your rights. Our criminal defense attorney, Judith Weil, has been in practice for over 40 years and has been a trusted educator for regional public defenders. She is meticulous, strategic and fierce. Contact our office to speak with our team.

The Process

A trial itself begins after weeks of other steps where the prosecution will file charges, your attorney will attempt to file certain motions to limit the scope of the trial and admissibility of evidence, both sides of the case will negotiate over any potential plea agreements and a jury is selected. This pre-trial stage can last for quite a while and will significantly impact your chances in court. This is also a stage of the case where your rights will be most at risk.

When you are in the courtroom, there will be many administrative tasks before the court, in addition to the trial. This is meant to ensure that whether you have a complex financial embezzlement case or a more straight-forward shoplifting charge, the court and jurors treat you fairly. Then, the court will examine the evidence, hear testimony and present the jury with the law. Many people believe this will be a dramatic process. It is actually highly technical and requires an intense understanding of the law. Our attorney is prepared to manage your case with aplomb.

The Sooner You Call, The Better

In many ways, the preparation for your case is the most important part. Early evidence and police action can radically alter your case. Don’t wait to call us at 212-732-6703 or email us.