Significant Cases

Significant Cases

Epstein & Weil LLC enjoyed considerable success in federal and state trial and appellate courts. Since 2014, the firm succeeded in convincing judges and prosecutors to dismiss three (3) separate indicted cases. These indictments covered a wide range of criminal accusations: a multimillion-dollar fraudulent loan scheme, a multikilogram drug conspiracy, and an insider trading ring. We have obtained no jail sentences for clients accused of multikilogram drug conspiracies, RICO violations and mail fraud. We have obtained multiple acquittals in Federal court

Representative Criminal Appeals

  • NY v. Rivera Video
  • People v. Rivera
  • U.S. v. D’Angelo  Federal murder/racketeering conviction vacated and dismissed
  • Fernandez v. Smith State murder conviction overturned and dismissed on Federal habeas review
  • United States v. Derrick Forrest Federal habeas granted for narcotics “3 strikes defendant” serving a sentence of life without parole; the defendant had already served thirteen years in jail; sentence reduced to time served
  • United States v. Gomez Crack defendant’s sentence reduced by six years on resentencing
  • U.S. v. Darden Federal appeals court finds that the defendant is not a career offender resulting in a seven-year reduction in defendant’s sentence
  • U.S. v. Jeffers  Federal appeals court finds defendant eligible for reduced sentence even though he perjured himself at trial; sentenced reduced by three years
  • U.S. v. Drinkwine  Federal appeals court overturns large fine
  • U.S. v. Rivera  Federal appeals court overturns large fine
  • People v. Lopez  Life sentence for major cocaine dealer reduced from life to 17 years
  • People v. Ramos  Assault/resisting arrest conviction overturned and charges dismissed
  • U.S. v. Wong  Life sentence for racketeering double homicide reduced to 35 years

Representative Civil Appeals

  • Richbell Information Services, Inc. v. Jupiter Partners L.P.  Appellate court upholds our client’s right to assert a privilege under foreign law as a basis for objecting to discovery in a proceeding in the Commercial Division of the New York Supreme Court
  • Ramos v. Jake Realty Co.  Appellate reverses dismissal of our client’s lawsuit; claim for damages reinstated
  • Lee v. 401 403 57th St. Realty Corp.  Appellate court affirms summary judgment rendered by the trial court in our client’s favor