Our General Counsel Services

For small and medium-sized businesses in the New York City metro area, it can be challenging to measure up to the seemingly endless resources of large corporations. When it comes to acquiring general or in-house counsel, however, finding the right firm can provide high-quality representation that is highly efficient and cost-effective.

Epstein & Weil LLC provides flexible general counsel services that help our small and medium-sized business clients:

  • Get timely advice as issues arise
  • Respond quickly and effectively to legal matters and challenges
  • Avoid and manage litigation challenges
  • Easily execute legal transactions
  • Prepare contracts tailored to your business' needs and circumstances

Cost-Effective Representation Tailored To The Needs Of Your Business

Many small and medium-sized businesses think they don't have the funds to employ in-house attorneys. Are smaller firms, then, supposed to take their chances regarding litigation and the many day-to-day legal challenges of running a business?

The simple answer is no. Instead, small-business owners can look to our team of attorneys for the representation they need when they need it. We serve as general counsel to numerous family-owned and closely held businesses in New York, as well as other small and medium-sized businesses. With more than 70 years of combined experience, we understand the changing business landscape and help our clients manage legal issues with business operations. As a small boutique practice, we can:

  • Save your business money by helping you avoid missteps that can lead to costly litigation
  • Provide fast and effective litigation services when needed, drawing on our years of litigation and dispute resolution experience
  • Keep your costs down. How? Our small size makes us more efficient, leading to fee savings we pass onto you. Since we are already familiar with your business before a legal crisis occurs, we can work with you to find fast, low-cost solutions.

Has your business received legal papers? Does your business need to draft, review or negotiate a contract, terminate an employee or protect the sale or acquisition of real property?

We can fully and competently handle legal matters for businesses run by just one or two people or for firms with dozens of employees. For knowledgeable, helpful and committed general counsel legal services, contact our firm.

Your Business Deserves Experienced And Dedicated Legal Representation

Contact the lawyers of Epstein & Weil LLC for experienced legal counsel. We are available around the clock, are located close to the Manhattan and Brooklyn Federal courts, accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, and speak Spanish and Hebrew as well as English. Contact us via email or by calling 646-733-4855