Counseling For Business Formation

Business Formation: Starting Your Enterprise On The Right Foot

Key decisions at a business startup can make or break your long-term success. The right business entity and solid governing agreements are critical to laying that foundation.

The business law attorneys of Epstein & Weil LLC offer dependable legal counsel for entity formation and all facets of starting a commercial enterprise. Located in New York City, we assist entrepreneurs and business partners throughout New York State. Arrange a consultation at our Manhattan law office.

Considerations In Entity Selection

Our attorneys can advise on the pros and cons of the different business entities. Various factors effect whether a new business should organize as a limited liability company (LLP), limited liability partnership (LLP), corporation (S-corp or C-corp) or general partnership.

The most suitable entity depends on the nature of the business, your personal liability tolerance, your goals for the enterprise, pass-through taxation, setup and operational expenses, the need for investors, and other factors. We will work with you and your tax advisor or accountant to implement the choice that best aligns with your needs.

Don’t Overlook The Owner Agreement

The downfall of many new businesses is friction among the stakeholders. If there is more than one owner, a written agreement is essential. We help clients negotiate operating agreements, shareholder agreements and partnership agreements to clarify roles and responsibilities, as well as incorporating buy-sell clauses, a forum for settling disputes and other considerations. A clear, individualized and thorough agreement can avoid many conflicts between owners, partners and investors and can prevent those that do occur from escalating to litigation over disagreements, buyouts, freeze-outs or business dissolution.

Comprehensive Counsel For Business Startups

We have 40 years of experience helping family-owned and closely held businesses in New York. Our firm advises clients on all legal matters in business planning, formation and startup, including filings with the state, commercial leases, corporate governance, contracts and more. As your business grows, we will be there to advise on transactions, commercial disputes and other general business counsel matters.

Let’s Get Started On Getting You Started

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