Unfair Competition/Tortious Interference

Skilled Representation For Unfair Business Competition And Tortious Interference

Allegations of unfair competition require qualified and experienced legal help in protecting your interests. At the New York City law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC, we have both defended clients against claims of unfair competition and brought successful lawsuits against unscrupulous competitors.

Have you been wrongly accused of unfair competition? Do you suspect that you are the victim of competitor who is engaging in tortious interference or other unfair business practices? Contact lawyer Judith Weil at Epstein & Weil LLC for experienced, effective legal counsel.

Business Interference And Unfair Competition

Unfair competition claims encompass a broad range of business activities in which a competitor unfairly and illegally harms a rival business. Unfair competition most often involves:

  • Tortious interference, in which one person convinces another party to breach a contract with a third party
  • Stealing trade secrets/proprietary information
  • Raiding employees
  • Stealing customer lists
  • Trade libel or defamation (spreading false information about a competitor)

Attorney Weil has concentrated her practice on business legal counseling since graduating with honors from New York University Law School in 1980. We are committed to protecting our clients’ interests and have hundreds of clients since then.

We are also skilled in defending businesses accused of unfair competition, including tortious interference with a business relationship, and in counseling firms in an ongoing capacity regarding avoiding litigation and business disputes, including charges of unfair competition.

We Welcome Complex Business Disputes

Tortious interference and other unfair business practices are fact-specific and demand an attorney with command of the law and attention to detail. To arrange a consultation with Judith Weil, call 212-732-4888 or contact us online. We have Spanish and Hebrew speakers on our staff, and our office is located in Manhattan near the federal courthouse.