Violent Crime Criminal Defense Serving Clients In New York Since 1979

Have you been charged with a violent crime? Obtain skilled and experienced legal help at the Manhattan law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC.

Our firm's lead criminal attorney is firm partner Lloyd Epstein. Mr. Epstein has practiced criminal defense law for 35 years with credentials that include:

  • Hundreds of cases handled in State and Federal courts
  • Highly experienced in criminal trials, appeals, habeas corpus and sentencing
  • Has taught trial practice at New York Law School and CUNY School of Law
  • Case history includes multiple acquittals in criminal trials and reversals on criminal appeals

If you are charged with a violent or other crime in the New York City area, we can provide knowledgeable, skilled and experienced legal help.

Contact Epstein & Weil LLC for effective criminal defense legal services in New York. Call 646-733-4855.

We are highly skilled both at pursuing a full dismissal of charges/acquittal and in reducing sentences. Have you been accused of:

  • Homicide/murder?
  • Assault?
  • Rape?
  • Robbery?
  • Burglary/Breaking and Entering?
  • Theft?
  • Carjacking?
  • Child Abuse/Sex Abuse

Our record of success in defending against these and other violent crime charges is extensive and includes:

  • Acquittals at State and Federal trials on cases including drug, robbery, murder, assault, conspiracy and other crimes
  • Obtaining sentences of non-jail time where jail time was likely
  • Multiple appellate reversals, including:
  • Arguing successfully to have a Federal RICO/racketeering/murder conviction overturned on the grounds of prosecutorial misconduct
  • Overturning a State murder conviction in Federal District Court after the conviction was repeatedly upheld in the State appellate courts

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Contact the New York law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC for experienced criminal defense representation following charges of a violent crime. We are available around the clock, are located very close to the Federal courts in Manhattan, accept VISA, Master Card and American Express, and speak Spanish and Hebrew as well as English. Contact a knowledgeable lawyer by e-mail or by calling 646-733-4855.