New York Defense Attorneys Providing Aggressive Sentencing Defenses

Your Federal case is not over when the jury sends you a verdict or you plead guilty to a crime. Sentencing is the next stage in the criminal process. During sentencing, the penalties you face will be decided by a judge. An experienced Federal sentencing lawyer can save years off a sentence and help avoid excessive fines.

Experienced, Tested And Proven Representation

At the law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC we provide skilled and knowledgeable advocacy for clients facing Federal sentencing. Attorney Lloyd Epstein brings 35 years of experience handling Federal sentencing. Additionally, he:

  • Lectures on Federal sentencing across the country, including in New York, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and Washington State
  • Has handled countless criminal cases during the sentencing phase, successfully reducing jail time for many clients who came to him only after they were convicted or pleaded guilty
  • Has taught trial practice at New York Law School and City University of New York (CUNY) School of Law

It's this breadth of legal as well as academic experience that helps Attorney Epstein to better advise and represent his clients during the sentencing phase of Federal criminal cases.

Preparation Is Imperative To Success In Federal Sentencing Matters

The Federal sentencing statutes are complicated, but our attorneys can guide you through the process. One of the key tasks of your attorney during sentencing is to investigate your history and background to persuade the judge to give you a lesser sentence.

At our firm, we perform comprehensive investigations into our clients' lives. We speak with family, friends and co-workers so that we can give the sentencing court an idea of our clients' upbringing and character. Our attorneys also work with psychiatrists, counselors and accountants to help us persuade the sentencing judge to issue a reduced sentence.

We were among the first attorneys to incorporate photographs into Federal sentencing letters and recently created a video bio-presentation that resulted in our client receiving probation where all his codefendants received at least 5 years in federal prison.  Whether you were convicted of a sex crime, violent crime or drug offense or pleaded guilty to a financial crime, we will explore every avenue to get you a shorter prison sentence and lower fines.

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When you have questions regarding Federal sentencing or other criminal defense matters, reach out to us by completing our contact form or by calling 646-733-4855. We are available every day, and are located close to the Federal court in Manhattan. Our firm accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. We speak Spanish and Hebrew in addition to English.