New York City Lawyers for FBI, Grand Jury, SEC, or other Investigations

Whether you are a witness or a target of an FBI, grand jury or pre-arrest investigation or are suspected by your employer of embezzlement, you need advice and protection. Often, law enforcement conducts these investigations to gather evidence before making an arrest. More than one person has cooperated in an investigation that led to his own arrest.

If you are represented by a competent, effective and dedicated criminal defense lawyer during the investigation phase, you may be able to avoid arrest, trial, conviction and a criminal record.

Do you face an FBI, grand jury subpoena or pre-arrest investigator? Contact Epstein & Weil LLC for experienced legal help. Call 646-733-4855.

Firm partners Lloyd Epstein and Judith Weil's criminal law experience spans decades. Our experience and involvement in criminal law includes:

  • Decades of hands-on trial experience defending the rights and interests of clients
  • Firm attorney Lloyd Epstein has taught trial practice at New York Law School and CUNY School of Law and both partners have taught seminars for criminal defense lawyers around the country.

Do you believe you or a member of your family is being investigated? Have you received a phone call from a detective or the FBI? Have you received a subpoena for records or testimony? Does your employer suspect you of embezzlement or other fraud?

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