Build Your Defense: Drug Manufacturing — Drug Trafficking — Drug Possession — Drug Conspiracy

Drug crime convictions can carry serious legal consequences, both in first arrests for minor charges and for repeat offenders facing Federal felony charges.

At the Manhattan law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC we have the extensive experience, skill and legal knowledge necessary to fully protect your rights following drug charges. Have you been charged with:

  • Racketeering/conspiracy/RICO drug charges?—
  • Sale, distribution or possession of cocaine, ecstasy, meth, marijuana, crack or other illegal drugs or narcotics?
  • The illegal possession or distribution of prescription drugs?
  • The manufacture of illegal drugs?

We have worked with hundreds of clients, from alleged first-offender high school students to alleged organized drug traffickers, and can provide an effective, aggressive defense.

Firm attorney Lloyd Epstein has practiced criminal defense law for 35 years, is a trial practice instructor and can conduct a thorough street-level investigation of your case. Our firm has tried numerous drug cases to acquittal and has a high level of success with State and Federal drug charges.

One Example of a Successful Defense of a Drug Case

One of our Federal jury acquittals in a drug case illustrates our effectiveness and diligence in pursuing all angles in the defense of clients facing drug charges. Our client was a foreign national charged with importing drugs into the U.S. illegally.

We took care to review all information provided by the prosecutors who claimed that our client incriminated himself in Spanish when speaking to an informant from Spain. We located a Spanish-speaking expert who testified that individuals from our client's county of origin would never speak Spanish in the way alleged by the prosecution. The result? Our client went home.

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