Helping Clients Understand Non-Competition Agreements And Covenants Not To Compete

Non-compete agreements are allowed by law with the goal of protecting companies. Employees' rights must also be protected, including employees' rights to earn a living. When an employee contests or breaks the terms of a non-competition agreement. Restrictive covenants, noncompetition, nonsolicitation and trade secret provisions, must be narrowly drafted to be enforceable in NY. How can you increase the odds that you will prevail if an employee contests or breaks the terms of a non-competition agreement? If your employer or prospective employer asks you to give up rights, you need to know what that will mean if you quit or are fired.

At the Manhattan law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC we have provided business law and litigation legal services to employers and employees for approximately 35 years. In addition to providing decades of effective legal counsel, firm partner and attorney Judith Weil:

  • Provides counseling to privately held corporations and partnerships, including legal counsel with the goal of avoiding litigation
  • Has litigated business law cases for more than 35 years

We advise clients who need restrictive covenants and handle "covenant-not-to-compete" disputes ranging from allegedly stolen client lists to the theft and use of trade secrets, proprietary technology and the "stealing" of employees.

We can help you or your firm with all legal matters relating to drafting and enforcement of non-competition agreements, including:

  • Contracts to protect your company's confidential and proprietary assets
  • Pre employment contract review
  • Injunctions preventing executives from employment with competitors
  • Temporary restraining orders enforcing non-compete agreements
  • Trials to determine guilt and damages

For knowledgeable answers, counsel and representation in a breach of non-competition disputes and other commercial and business dispute matters, either as an employer or as an employee, contact our firm.

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