Providing Cost-Effective Legal Services to Businesses

The day-to-day business of every company depends on contracts and resolving business disputes, which often hinge on specific contractual terms. Whether your business involves supplies, services, employee relationships or other business matters, it is important that your contracts fully protect your interests and goals.

At the Manhattan business law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC we have managed the legal challenges of hundreds of businesses. Do you have questions or concerns regarding:

  • A lawsuit?
  • An equipment lease or a commercial real estate lease?
  • A loan agreement?
  • A non-compete agreement or severance agreement?
  • A buy/sell agreement?
  • A supply/supplier agreement?
  • Business formation documents?

For knowledgeable, skilled legal help with your contracts, contact the New York City business contracts lawyers at the law offices of Epstein & Weil LLC at 646-733-4855.

Prevent Future Litigation Through Careful Contract Drafting

The key to preventing future lawsuits and commercial disputes is careful drafting of all contracts. Whether it is a non-compete agreement with an employee or a contract with a vendor, your contracts should provide solutions to potential conflicts and address all of your business needs.

Attorneys Judith Weil and Lloyd Epstein can provide experienced legal help to help ensure that your contract addresses your concerns, protects your rights and is enforceable in the event of commercial litigation. We can review the contracts you are asked to sign, represent you in negotiations regarding business transactions and prepare the business agreements and contracts your firm needs to run its business.

Contact A Manhattan Contract Review Lawyer

Contact the New York law firm of Epstein & Weil LLC via email or call 646-733-4855 for experienced legal help with your business and contracts. We are conveniently located near every major subway line in close proximity to the courts in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Our firm accepts VISA, Master Card and American Express, and we speak Spanish and Hebrew in addition to English.